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Brokenfinga (aka François Bastien) is a singer and songwriter. He composes and produces beats as well. This page allows you to see and listen to some of his latest works.

He started writing songs in 2001. Since then, his skills gained in precision and diversity and musical creativity.

Originally, his music genre was strictly rap, but, through the years, his affinity evolved towards a genre mix producing a result between electro, hiphop and ragga.

Main sources of inspirations include artists like Dr. Dre, Xzibit, etc… then, other influences like Major Lazer, Stromae, Cypress Hill, Agnes Obel, Adele, Korn, Wu-Tang Clan, etc… come into play.

His life wish is to be able some day to live from his passion, music, and more specifically, production.

Youtube Channel – FZeffect Productions



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