FZeffect Productions is mainly active in the world of entertainment and media productions.
Indeed, in recent years, François Bastien (aka Brokenfinga) behind FZeffect Productions, plays the role of beatmaker / producer and designer / graphic designer.

Surrounded by talented people, FZeffect Productions provides clockwork quality productions ,meeting demand. Having a high affinity for the hiphop and electro music scene, FZeffect Productions’ signature can be recognized as an effective and dynamic mix of genres.

Active for many years in the field of urban music, we keep a curious and watchful ear and eye for all music , visual and technological innovations .

As a computer technology bachelor, François Bastien also offers IT and technical consultancy for your infrastructure and network projects, putting into practice the rigorous logic and structure that some computer systems require for your projects .

François Bastien’s passion for music and technology grew with an acute sense of precision and his personality and style shine trough his artistic and musical creations.

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